Directions to Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport is 45kms (28 miles) south of London, directly linked at junction 9 to the M23 motorway and to the London to Brighton road (A23).
If you plan on driving to or from London Gatwick Airport you can search the AA Route Planner for more detailed directions.

Gatwick Airport Parking Key:

  1. NCP Flightpath
  2. Summer Special
  3. Holiday Parking
  4. Parking Express
  5. Courtlands
  6. BCP
  7. ADS Parking

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Drivers Information - Gatwick Airport

Drop off/pick up - Private cars cannot stop on terminal forecourt roads for any purpose other than to set down or pick up passengers. Please use the airport car parks if you need to leave your car unattended while picking up/dropping off passengers.
It is advisable to book Gatwick Airport Parking in advance.