PREBOOKED RESERVATIONS ARE NOT VALID IN THE 'PICK UP & DROP OFF' CAR PARK. Notwithstanding any prebooking made, any vehicle parking in the 'Pick up & Drop off' car park will be charged at the full rate applicable (in accordance with the published rates displayed at the entrance to the 'Pick up & Drop off' car park and on www.liverpoolairport.com).

By making this booking you agree that on exiting the car park you will pay any additional car parking charges (whether incurred as a consequence of parking in the 'Pick up & Drop off' car park or by parking in the Long Stay Car Park beyond the prepaid period) and that [LJLA] will deduct such additional charges from your Debit or Credit Card in accordance with the published rates.

Distance to:

Please allow 20 minutes to check-in and walk to the terminal.

Arrival Procedures

On arrival at the entry barrier DO NOT press the button for an entry ticket. Insert the same credit card used to make the booking with the magnetic stripe facing down and to the right. Your booking will be recognised and the barrier will raise, remove your card and park your car. If the wrong card is used, the barrier will not raise and you will need to push the button for a ticket. Once you have parked, you should proceed to the terminal on foot.

Departure Procedures

On return, drive to the exit barrier and insert the same credit/debit card and the barrier will again recognise your booking and raise enabling you to exit and leave the car park. No money will be taken from your card UNLESS you have stayed longer than booked OR if you took an entry ticket when entering the car park. In which case, you must report to the kiosk where your booking will be processed manually. Please remember to take your Parking4less confirmation with you to the car park in the event of a system failure.

Distance to Airport

On Airport next to the Terminal.


Liverpool Airport is well sign-posted from M6, M62, M56 and M57 motorways. The Long Stay Car Park is opposite the Airport Terminal.


The car park is within walking distance of the terminal building.

Security Measures

Manned 24 hours a day with CCTV, security fencing and floodlighting.

Minimum Stay

5 days.

Maximum Car Size

Light motor vehicles only.

Disabled Facilities

Orange Badge Holders can use special allocated spaces which are close to the terminal.


Parking is at owner's own risk, and subject to the Terms and Conditions of the individual car park.

Other Useful Information

On return do not pay at the machines at the terminal, drive to the kiosk to the left of the exit barriers.

The collection of the car registration number for this car park is now a mandatory one as they are getting ready to transfer to ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

Liverpool Skypark

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(8am-11pm & 8:30am-8pm weekends)

Liverpool Airport Long Stay Parking

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The long term Parking at the airport is walking distance from the terminal.