Advice on Parking at Heathrow Airport

With Heathrow being the busiest airport in the UK it's not surprising there's a lot of demand for parking close to the Terminals.

It's important to understand the size and layout of Heathrow as this will have a bearing on which car park you choose.

First of all, you need to know which Terminal you will be flying from. This is important because the transfer time from one car park maybe very different to that of another. You might find a cheap parking deal close to Terminal one with a short transfer of say 10 minutes but if you're flying from Terminal 4 that could take 30 minutes transfer time. Possibly an extra 40 minutes round trip to your overall journey time might be worth paying a bit more to avoid.

So, skip to the section below that deals with the Terminal you are flying from or look at the Meet & Greet option, which is the quickest and most convenient option of all.

Heathrow Airport Terminals

Terminal 1

For the quickest transfers to Terminal 1 we recommend Heathrow Business Parking Plus, its only 3 minutes from the car park to Terminal. Other options include, Park Wise, Official Long Stay and Heathrow Business Parking. Off airport is provided by Purple Parking.

Terminal 2

This Terminal is closely connected to Terminal 1, so see above for the best options.

Terminal 3

Park Wise are ideal for Terminal 3. Also, Heathrow Official Business Parking. Off airport is provided by Purple Parking.

Terminal 4

Official Long Stay and Business Parking Terminal 4 are both on airport. Off airport is provided by Purple Parking and Click Parking.

Terminal 5

Official Long Stay and Business Parking Terminal 5 are both on airport. Off airport is provided by Purple Parking and Click Parking.

Meet & Greet at Heathrow

Heathrow really is the Meet & Greet airport to beat all others. With the greater numbers of business travellers Heathrow has more competition from the Meet & Greet operators. There are different types of Meet & Greet but the principle is the same. You are met at the airport terminal by a chauffeur who then takes your car to a secure car park that is either on or off airport. Our favorites are Purple Parking on price and service. Otherwise, it's the official Heathrow Meet & Greet operators. There are smaller unofficial companies offering this service but we don't recommend them from experience over the many years we've been providing impartial advice on parking at Heathrow. Read a selection of parking reviews that we've compiled from our customers.

Airport Hotels

Another option which works really well if you have an early or late flight is to book an airport hotel with parking at Heathrow. You can enjoy a relaxed start to your trip by checking in to the hotel the night before the flight and park your car either at the airport or one of the secure car parks close to Heathrow. Then in the morning you simply walk to the Terminal or catch a courtesy coach or even taxi giving you extra time and peace of mind that you'll arrive in time to catch your flight. Sometimes, the cost is comparable with that of parking only but usually a bit more with a wide range of options from one to four star accommodation.

Further Reading

We have produced our own handy guide on Heathrow airport, which gives a brief overview of the airport along with several useful resources such as directions and information about its facilities. Feel free to download the guide and print it off to take with you on your next journey! We also have a hotel map and parking map to help you plan your journey.