Stansted Airport Hotels

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Another option for Airport Parking at Stansted airport is to try the various Stansted airport hotels that offer Airport Parking as part of the hotel package.

You will find a range of quality hotels available, from 2 to 4 star and all the hotels listed offer half board deals on rooms with eight or 15 days free Parking and a shuttle service to the airport. This method is ideal to avoid traffic for early flights or to rest up after a long haul return.

Table 1: Some Stansted airport Hotels and savings compared to Parking packages
Stansted Airport Hotels
hotel name room only (£) room & Parking (£)
  116.00 116.00 (15 days)
  99.00 115.00 (15 days)
  80.00 80.00 (15 days)
  49.00 49.00 (15 days)
  89.95 119.00 (15 days)
  55.00 89.00 (15 days)
  60.00 60.00 (15 days)
  56.00 89.00 (15 days)
  69.00 69.00 (15 days)
All prices are subject to change dependent on date and season. The prices listed above indicate the types of savings achievable.
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